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What gaming laptop should I buy?

What gaming laptop should I buy? | Complete Buying Guide

What gaming laptop should I buy?

As you know, there are a million questions when it comes to buying a new gaming laptop. Give me a few minutes. I’m going to run you through everything you need to know. I also put some of my recommended models and I’ll keep updating them.



  • Tip number one

It’s pretty obvious, but don’t spend more than you have to. Now, for me, a proper gaming laptop has a dedicated graphics card, such as a new ATX 3060, and also a high refresh screen, at least a 140 full House panel. And for that kind of spec, you’re looking at spending around a thousand pounds or also which is conveniently what this message. 65 thin costs, whether or not the 61, 3, 4 screens this kind of laptop is one of the best value I think you can buy right now. And it’s perfect for TV 60 or even high refresh gaming. Of course, £1000 is still an awful lot of money. You can spend a little bit less maybe like £600, £700, £800, and get a laptop with maybe last-gen 2060 or even lower power, 1660. But both of those graphics cards are now a little bit out of date.

You do miss out on a couple of the bells and whistles, like in videos retracing and more importantly, that DLC, which I’ll talk more about in a minute. Remember, though, there’s no such thing as a fully feature-proof laptop, as there’s always something else around the corner. And right now I’m expecting and videos, new mainstream GPS. So follow-ups to the 1650 and 6060 cards to be announced in May or thereabouts. So we should see some more affordable gaming laptops from June onwards. Intel also due to release the 45 11th gen laptop, CPU’s as well, with these being the more powerful 45 what tidally chips which will go up against these 5000 series. And also by the summer, I’m expecting to see some all AMD based laptops meaning AIM devices and CPU’s paired with their new 6000 series Mobile GPS, which I’m excited to see, especially with technologies like Smart Access Memory, which boost performance when you’ve got both and CPU’s and GPS. So all this means we could see more lower-cost gaming laptops and high-performance Intel-based models arriving by the summer. So if you own a budget, then it might be worth waiting just a little bit. Although if you have to something more powerful, say, in the £1000 to £2000 range, then we already have AMD’s amazing 5000 series chips. And then video is powerful. 3000 series CPU’s paired with some pretty tasty high refresh and high-resolution screens.

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  • Tip number two

It’s worth looking beyond your traditional source Messi and big brands out there. This is a PC specialist laptop. It’s from a UK retailer. Well, that was made by Clair Vaux. So basically they buy the chassis and the components and then they put that badge on it. But what you can do with this kind of laptop is a bit like a desktop PC. So you can choose the graphics card processor. You can go to town with it, and sometimes it can even be cheaper than one of the big brands. So it is worth shopping around when you’re buying your laptop. But whichever laptop or desktop or even phone you’re using gives VPN a try. They’re very kindly sponsoring today’s video. And if you are a regular here, you’ll know that I use shock all the time. It’s really simple to use and it’s handy for streaming or shopping on websites that you can’t normally access where you live. But most importantly, you can turn on the clean web, which helps block ads and prevent tracking and nasty malware.


  • Tip number three

What games you’re playing and also how demanding they are because they’ll give you an idea of what you need and also how much you need to spend.

For example, if you play demanding triple-play games with max settings and waitressing, then you want as powerful a GPU as possible a CPU that won’t bottleneck its performance, and maybe even a larger higher-res HD or Fouquet screen to make the most of all that detail. And on the other side of that, if you play a lot of twitch shooters where you need fast reaction times, then a high refresh screen is your priority to 40 years is plenty, but you can go as high as 300 and 360. But for me right now, I’m playing a bit of Cold War zone. I’m also playing a fair bit of age of empires, too, which is not the most graphically demanding game. So there’s no reason to go out and buy an Asus laptop. So depending on where you’re playing, if you’re playing Siege Age of Empires League Legends, then you can easily get away with maybe an older 2070, 2060 laptop or even like a 6060. You don’t have to spend that kind of money. So you do have to think about what you’re playing, how demanding it is. But at the same time, if you do want to play those games on a high refresh screen and you want to max it out, then you are going to have to have a fair amount of grunt behind the scenes.

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And to be fair even thin line laptops, this is the LG grammars 16, I believe it is, but this has an 11th gen intel processor with the Iris Graphics, and this is perfectly fine for some light to medium TV gaming, but it does all come down to what you’re playing.

  • Tip number four

What <a href=
gaming laptop should I buy?” width=”640″ height=”360″ /> What gaming laptop should I buy?

Think about how big you want it. Let me rephrase that. How big the laptop should be. Most gaming laptops, the vast majority are your normal 15.6-inch laptop. So there are some 17 inches. And the bigger the laptop generally, the more powerful the components, the bigger the battery, the better the cooling. So keep that in mind. But then you are compromising on portability and generally cost as well. So it’s the most common and the most popular. I think for me, a normal 15-inch laptop is absolutely fine. But then you do also have to think about different form factors. For example, I recently reviewed the ASUS Orji Zephyrus S E with this crazy dual-screen setup and this comes in either for 120 or 300 Hz variance. Now, these kinds of laptops are still pretty rare, but it is useful to have if you want your Desoto, you twitch down there and you want to do some multitasking.

Others, like the ASUS, already flow X 13, come with an optional external graphics card. This is got 38 in it. And while this is very cool in theory and I do take my hat off to Asus who do keep innovating, this costs an absolute fortune. I can’t believe it. Almost halfway there.


  • Tip number five

Let’s talk about these things, the screens, because this is just as important really as suspects in terms of the resolution and also the refresh rate. Let’s keep this simple right now. The best combination is a TP screen where they want free flow, maybe up to 40 Husky frustrate. You’re buying a gaming laptop. So most importantly, you want a smooth gaming experience. Having said that, I must admit some of these new laptops that we’re seeing in 2021, which come with a quality CD, so 40 for resolution and 165 Hz refresh rate is a nice balance between image quality and smoothness. Without having to go up to that Flaked frame rate destroying resolution. Refresh is really important though. It’s not just smoother, but it actually gives you an edge in games as you get more media feedback, and then you can react faster. And this is key for competitive gamers. And while the difference between a 60 and a 134 House panel is massive, the benefit is a lot less obvious when you jump up to 40 or even beyond that.

I could just about tell the difference in a recent blind test, but it was tricky, although I expect some people are more sensitive to this than others. I think this is too sexy it is. 361 manufacturer also told me that now 144 has panels. I kind of like the base spec that they don’t tend to have the best color accuracy or the best response times. So if you can do for one with a 240 House panel, not only are you getting that high refresh rate, but generally, you’ll also be getting faster response times, better color accuracy, and better contrast, although this does vary between laptops and manufacturers. So it’s always worth reading a few reviews before you buy it. I think for me, though, if I was going to buy a gaming laptop right now, I would quite like a 165 hertz, quite HD. But as I say, for the vast majority of you guys, up to 40 hertz, that’s the sweet spot.

  • Tip number six

If you learn nothing else in this video, hopefully, that’s not the case. But remember this, the GPU, the graphics card, this is a desktop card, but this is the most important component when it comes to the performance of your laptop. But it’s also where manufacturers up-sell the most with higher cards, often adding hundreds to a laptop’s price.

But as a rule of thumb, you can kind of think about maybe 38 being the best for Flaked, 374 Chwezi, and 60 for 1080P near enough. Although if you want a high refresh, add those resolutions, then it may be worth jumping up to the one above it. Pretty simple, right? Well kind of. It gets a little bit more complicated. Firstly, this is as I say, a desktop card and what you get in here is not the same. Often will have cut down could cause. And to give you a bit of an idea, a laptop 38 would be roughly equivalent to a desktop thirty 70. So you are getting a step down in performance with a laptop variant. But then this is where things get interesting because not all graphics cards, particularly these laptop variants, are made equal. There is a massive difference in that TGP the total graphics power or what you and I can think about is wattage. And this way manufacturers can balance the GPU performance against cooling and the battery size and the overall form factor of the laptop. But it can get confusing. For example, there are 11 different types of laptops. 38 ranging from 80 wants to 150, which have wildly different clock speeds. For example, a 150 what 38 might be 25 to 40 percent faster than an 81. This is why in some tests you may see at.

Top-end 150, what 3060 outperform the lowest wattage 3080. So it’s a tricky one because on the one hand, the means these companies can be a little bit more precise with the graphics card they put in their laptops. But on the other for you and me, it’s confusing and previously we could just rely on on and videos Max. Q Branding, which does still exist, but it’s not consumer-facing anymore. So really what you have to do now is go onto the spec page and just see what the wattage is. And I’ll give you an idea of what kind of performance you’ll get from that particular graphics card.

  • Tip number seven

Do you need to buy one of these fancy new gaming laptops with a 3000 series graphics card? Well, kind of, yes, because there isn’t a whole lot of options out there. AMD’s mobile GPS on out yet, although I’m looking forward to trying them later in the year. But also, particularly with the 3000 series, you are getting some nice extra bells and whistles. Again, the best performance when it comes to racing for the fancy reflections and the lighting, you’re getting things like the invidious size of a bar, which helps boost frame rates, and that reflex mode, which helps reduce latency. But above all that, most importantly, you’re getting deals that support deep learning, super sampling in support of games Device, which is now up to your version, 2.1.

And she allows the game to render at a lower resolution. And then it uses the GPS, power tentacles, and machine learning to intelligently upscale it to your selected resolution. And this means you’re getting higher frame rates for no or minimal loss in image quality. And to be honest, this is a lifesaver and more demanding games like Cyberpunk and Crisis, remastered PUBG, particularly if you have to retrace, turned on as it makes these games that would otherwise bring Top End laptops to the knees, actually playable even on a 3060 HMD DLC alternative, which is snappily named Fidelity Super Resolution is due for release later this year, though, and I’m excited to try it out now without getting too bogged down in the rest of the specs. When it comes to the processor, this is still important because you don’t want it to bottleneck your graphics card. As a rule of thumb, if you can go for a laptop that has one of the new AMD 5000 series of chips or even an intel, I’m going to say tenth because they haven’t updated the 45-watt 11th gen series as I’m recording, although that should be coming very soon. But I had the 11th Gen or 10th Gen Intel CPUs and then probably either a knife fight or and that that’s rough, you know. But right now as I say, As I’m recording this, your best bet is one of these fantastic 5000 series of chips, Such as the rise in 556, 80, or better.

Beyond that, 16 DRM is still the sweet spot right now. And also you’ll want at least five 12 gigs of SSD storage, although ideally one terabyte as modern games, particularly the likes of Call of Duty, is just massive. Also, a second drive slot in your laptop is a bonus, and most machines will allow you to upgrade your RAM or your storage if you want. Also when it comes to battery life, as you guys can imagine, you’re going to get a hold of these gaming laptops. It does depend on the battery size and also the components inside. And also the resolution is fully still Fouquet rule of thumb. You’ll get between 4 and 6 hours of non-gaming. So generally you want to bring a charger with you.

Last but not least, let’s talk about undercoating because while it comes on a bit scary, it’s simple. It’s not that dangerous at all. If your laptop and it can help improve performance on some laptops, if you lower the voltage of the CPU and the GPU just a little bit, you may get better performance because it can sustain a higher Clock speed for longer before it throttles. This can apply to pretty much all laptops. And if it is something you’d like to try, I’ve made a whole video around it with a full walkthrough.

So definitely check that out after this. And that is my gaming laptop Binge. Hopefully, you found it helpful. As I say, I’ll leave my favorite laptops right now and I’ll keep updating them. But I think for me, if I was going to go out and buy a new gaming laptop, I would get a 165 Hz quad HD screen, maybe a 30 or 76 gigs, ram five, twelve, or a terabyte storage and pay about £400 to £500. But the best advice I can give you other than subscribing to the touchup is just to make sure you read a few reviews of the laptop you’re looking to buy. Look at will the type of the particular graphics card, because I can make a big difference and also think about what games you’re playing. Do you need to spend a ton of money on a 38 if you’re just playing Age of Empires too?



Thanks for reading, I hope you like the article if you found it helpful. Please remember to leave a comment on my blog to see more articles like this in the future. If you have any questions related to these products’ information, you can leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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